Talking to Brad Richards, Harley-Davidson Styling Creative Design Director

At the Harley-Davidson event I tested two new models and had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Brad Richards, Styling Creative Design Director at the probably most beloved company in the world of motorcycling.

I will tell you a story. A true story about how a new motorcycle model is born.

When a great producer decides to launch on the market a revolutionary model, they have to make sure that they have a good marketing team.

Otherwise, they will have to hire one.

Of course, they will look for a specialist in the field, one that maybe has not had to do with motorcycles, but who has the required expertise.

To cut to the chase, they found and hired Brad Richards.

Brad was the magic hand that held the team together, coordinated it and started a whole process that they referred to as “a dance.” I would call it “a fight.”


With Brad Richards at Saint Tropez

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