Who is Dave Cilliers, my friend from South Africa

With an experience of over 30 years, Dave Cilliers is one of the most appreciated moto journalists in the specialized press.

Dave Cilliers

My name is Dave Cilliers. I consider cars as four wheeled shopping baskets and only worth using as a last resort! For years bikes have been my primary transport. Dave CilliersRacing, touring, commuting or just kicking up dust on African tracks, I have owned over 270 motorcycles and ridden millions of kilometres. I am happiest when sharing my passion for motorcycles with like minded people whilst traversing Africa in search of adventure.

This is the way Dave Cilliers describes himself on the moto website zabikers.co.za, whose editor he is.

Cu Dave Cilliers

With Dave Cilliers, Grant Martin, DTRA Flat Track Champion and Rubén Xaus

I met him two years ago at an event organized by Harley-Davidson in the south of France.

It was when the new Sportster Roadster was launched worldwide – a model appreciated more by connaisseurs. I immediately knew we shared the same emotion.

We had a chat and realized we were of the same age, we had the same passions, similar experience and we both live for motorbikes and everything they mean.

A year later we met again at another worldwide launch – a 3 days real festival this time. We then had the opportunity of testing several models and experiment with new things.

Dave Cilliers

Dave testing Kawasaki Ninja H2

Again we had a useful discussion and concluded that the events we both attended and the models we could test are usually different, the distance between our two countries being so wide.

I asked Dave if I could post on my page some of his articles and he gladly accepted.

So, as from today, in the section edited in English, you will be able to read Dave Cilliers ‘ articles.

Dave Cilliers

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